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Do I need an additional power outlet for this camera?

No, this camera is totally powered via USB.

What devices can I connect to the camera?

The camera comes with two onboard usb ports that allows external usb mouse devices to be connected (including the AVerPen). This saves you from having to purchase an additional hub for the computer.

What software tools is provided?

You can download the latest A+ (Version 1.6.x or above) from the download link. The U10 also supports standard UVB (Windows video driver for USB) for full integration into third party applications.

What is the captured button for on the U10 camera head?

When pressed under the A+ software, the system will automatically do a picture snapshot.

Does the U10 work with the AVer Importer Plug-in? I would love to you the U10 on some other Interactive White Board software.

Yes, the U10 works with the AVer Importer Plug-in for seamless integration with other IWB software.

Does the U10 have any on board microphone?

Yes it comes with a built in on board microphone.

Does the U10 work with interactive chat programs such as Skype® or MSN©?

Yes the U10 works just like any standard USB Webcam.

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